Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



  • History. Vietnam is famous for Hanoi because of its centuries-old architecture and the Halong bay but the Ho Chi Minh City in the southern part of the country shouldn’t be overlooked because of its rich culture and history regarding the Vietnam war. The War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels depicts the horrible events that transpired and lasted for twenty years in the Vietnam War. These two places are a must see for every traveler who wants to learn more about the Vietnam history and tsee the resiliency of Vietnamese.
  • People. Vietnamese are helpful and will help you find your way regardless of the language barrier and will try to answer inquiries as much as they can. Though there are still people who will scam tourists like the motorbike drivers who will ask a higher price than what is dealt upon.


American torture jail cells
  • Transport. Travelling around the city is very easy as there are buses and cabs. Uber is very useful too. And its better not to ride motorbikes because of scams.
  • Shopping. Ben tanh market is one of the famous haggling market but being the first customer of the day can be a little tough because vendors can be rude if you dont buy anything. It might be because of their belief that the first customer who comes must buy for them to have a good sales for the day.
  • Night life. The Bui Vien Street where the night life is, is bustling with tourists. Its a good place to meet other travelers. You can expect a lot of cheap clubs, loud music and roads filled with chairs.
  • Food. The food can be a little problem to some as it has a strong and herby taste, though some will say that the taste is really good. The vietnamese coffee is a must try because of its rich and delightful taste coupled with the sweetness of the condensed milk.


People Enjoying The Morning

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