Continuing the Indochina trip, which includes the first two posts (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia) is the city of Bangkok in Thailand. The following insights might be helpful to all future travelers out there. Bangkok is a really beautiful city. It is a modern city but it didnt lose its culture with its looming temples in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Going around the city is easy with its convenient metro and buses. Buses are easy to use because their routes are based on number codings which you can find details on every bus stop. You can take ferries too to escape the traffic. Uber and grab are also available.

What is there to see in the city?
There are grand buddhist temples one can visit like the Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho.
We also went to Dusit zoo where you can easily interact with animals like feeding hippopotamus. Unfortunately, the penguin show already ended cause we got there past noon.
One of the largest shopping complex in the world, the Central World, is in Bangkok for the ones who loves to shop. Be ready for lots of walking though cause it is indeed huge.
The Chatuchak market is also a must visit for souvenirs. The market is huge that you can find anything from clothes to kitchen utensils to antique stuffs. It is only open every weekend but for those who wouldn’t be in the city on weekends, the Pratunam market which is near the Central World is a good place to check out.
For street foods and night life, Khao San Road is a good place to go to. It has Thai delicacies from mango sticky rice to insects you wouldnt imagine eating before. Lots of currency exchange shops can also be found here.

Did i have any communication problem or Language Barrier?
No, lots of locals can understand and speak the English language, you might have a little difficulty understanding some because of the accent. The ones we encountered were also helpful in translating for cab drivers who cant speak English.

where to stay?
We used the site in booking the hostel which is a few meters away from Khao San Road.

Is there anything you need to take care of when you go?
Be careful of pickpockets, you might find signs on some streets, never disrespect a monk they are considered very highly there.

Where to eat ?
You can’t just go to a country and not try their food. Other than the street foods in Khao San Road, Pad Thai is a must try. We also like to eat on local eateries to really experience the local food aside from it being cheap.

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  1. OMG!! Really nice and helpful information, i simply love the way you share your experience with us, the way you tell your travel story seems like am listening from my friend.

    Keep blogging, waiting for your next trip as i saw your insta story that ur traveling to Malaysia…keep us updated by your blog and post on social media

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