Pattaya, Thailand

Beautiful Sunset At Jomtien Beach

They say that if you dont have a lot of pictures of your travel, it means you enjoyed every bit of it. I realized that this is indeed true. So here comes the final city of my Indochina travel, Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya, Thailand is just about two to three hours away from the capital that’s why it’s a good place for a weekend getaway if you don’t have much time to go to the famous beaches in Thailand. It is a city with less cultural vibe and more touristy vibe.

You don’t need to prebook buses as there are buses from 5:20 in the morning to 11:20 at night which leaves every 20 minutes from Ekkamai Station. There are also buses going to Pattaya from Mo Chit Station whichever is nearer to you. A trip costs 120 baht.  

From Pattaya bus station, you can ride Song Tiews or pick-up trucks turned public utility vehicles to your hotel. Song Tiews are your go-to transports since there are no local buses in Pattaya but they cover most of the tourist destinations if not all. Uber is a little expensive in Pattaya and are not allowed in some places.

Cartoon Network Amazone

You can spend your mornings at the Jomtien beach enjoying the sand and waves or go to the pattaya beach for some snorkeling and some water activities.
 For kids and kids at heart, Cartoon Network Amazone water theme park is a fun place to go. There are lots of slides for everyone that could give you adrenaline rush. We booked tickets on klook which are cheaper compared to buying it on the site.

Aside from water activities, there are temples like Sanctuary of Truth or the hilltop temple with the giant buddha at the Phra Tamnak Mountain. There’s also a floating market here which is bigger than the one in Bangkok. There’s also the Sriracha zoo, 3D art museum, and a teddy bear museum.

Jomtien Night Market is a good place to end your day. For a serene evening, you can buy foods and go on a picnic on the beach. Just be sure to throw your trash on the trash bins though to keep the beach clean. For a lively evening, go to the walking street where clubs and other establishments are located. A good thai massage after a long day is something to consider too.

Mango Bingsu (Korean) At The Walking Street

Pattaya is a touristy place so you can find a lot of different cuisine. Italian, Chinese, Korean, American and of course Indian to name some. 7eleven stores also have lots of options to choose from for budget travelers.

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s gems. Having a lot of tourists, most people know how to speak English so its easy to talk to locals.

Night Cruises Near Walking Street

We stayed in 5ive Beach House Hostel. Unfortunately, their 5th floor rooms either have foul odors or broken furniture. We don’t know about other floors but there are surely a lot of better hostels in the area as it is along the Jomtien beach, and just a ride away from other attractions.

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