Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India

Lovely Clouds Emerging From Mountains

India’s winter gem, Himachal Pradesh is a great state to go during summer if you want a cool place. It’s a big state where you can find lots of activities to do like trekking.

This city has lots of tourists and it’s why the revenue is based on tourism. The city centre is filled with cafes, restaurants, hotels, and hostels and is super crowded during the summer season.
It is a great getaway place, may it be with family, friends or your partner. But, a solo traveler will definitely enjoy it too. It brings you closer to nature and is cheap so this is a good place after a week of work.

Ornaments Shop

What about lodging? Well I have been there two times; during monsoon and summer. I would recommend you to prebook the hotels for summer as it gets full with tourists not only Indians but even foreigners. While during monsoon, you can get hotel rooms for very cheap prices. Try the Nicks Italian Kitchen, it is a guesthouse with a diner, and costs 400inr per room when we stayed there last August 2017. Check for current prices though. This summer of 2018, we weren’t able to prebook and it costs us 4000 for 5 person for a room that is not as nice as Nick’s.



Thenthuk And Coffee

What to eat? Tibetan food. Don’t forget to try tibetan chop suey and thenthuk, which is my favorite tibetan food, at Four Season’s cafe. The cafe does not only serve good food but the ambiance gives you a connection with the Tibetan culture.
There are also lots of Italian, Chinese, and Indian cafes or diners in the area.


What are the activities that you can do here?

Buddhist Temple

For family trips with a laid back and cultural vibe:
-Bhagsunag Temple and waterfall. There are nearby eateries and cafes for breakfast.
-Boating at dal lake
-Cultural trip to Namgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang (Dalai Lama’s residency)
You can end your day with some shopping of souvenirs, tibetan carpets and old coins.



Crowdy Summer Evening

For trips with friends, a partner or even a solo trip:
-Triund Trek, this can be done as a day trip or an overnight trip. There are tent for rents at the top where the camping grounds is or you can carry your own. Here you can see the city of Dharamshala on one side and the snowy mountain caps on the other side. The sunrise view is also good here.

-Tibetan History Museum
-Kora circuit, a 1.5km long stretch around the outside of Tsuglagkhang complex which has the Tibetan pilgrims like prayer lags, prayer wheels and Chortens.
-Cultural shows at the Institute of Performing Arts.

Beautiful View Of The City

People here are mainly tibetans which are mostly buddhists. They are easy to talk to and friendly. Some elderly might be rude because of the ruccus cause by lots of tourists flocking the city. One thing I like here though is its a plastic-free city. You wouldn’t find plastic bags here whenever you buy something. Also, “Leave only footprints” is strictly enforce on the triund trek, which means that you have to bring down everything you brought, not leaving anything behind. This is a general rule all around the world when visiting nature so let’s all be responsible travelers may it be a mountain, a forest or any bodies of water, even in every city we go to.

Trek To Triund







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