Vindhyachal, Uttar Pradesh, India

A very small village that will show you the culture and the people’s beliefs. This village is named after the famous temple Vindhayachal devi (a goddess). A small town which is visited by people all over the country to pray.

Way To Temple

If you are planning to come here, a one day tour would be enough. You can just book a cab as it would be easier and convenient to go from one place to the other. It is also advisable that you take a night train to Allahabad, and you will then be able reach the city by morning, or a flight to Allahabad if you are in some far away state. You can take the intercity buses but air-conditioned buses are generally not available. From there, you can take a cab for the day, there are lots of taxi services on the internet.

Heading towards the temple you can drink tea and eat some snacks at the road side,

Line For Temple

which you may find on the highway. After visiting the temple, you can ask the locals for the Daal-baati-chokha eatery which is close to the temple as it gives one of the tastiest traditional food the village has to offer. Be careful with the line as there is a lot of people and lot of pushing, take care of your belongings as some might be pick-pockets.





Horses Near The Fort

Once you are done with the food you can head to the Chunar fort, which is about 1-2 hours from the temple. There is a river flowing from the back of the fort which the locals believe that has turned its course because lord Vishnu kept his knee on that area. Although the fort is in ruins, you can still enjoy most of its beautiful construction, and learn how they created the evacuation plans in case of wars.

The Change In Course Of River



But before all this dont forget to visit the Sangam, where the three holy rivers, namely- Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswati, meet. if you are lucky you may see all three in three different colours merging into one.If not, you can atleast have the luck of seeing two of those three.

Holes For Adding Riffles For Attack


End your day by talking to the locals sitting with hookah’s on the road sides or simply catch a train back to home or some other city.

Villagers here are strongly connected to their culture and still prefer to wear the traditional clothes. Schools are far away from the village which are in the 10 km. Population is small and hence the stores close early, even the medical stores. Lots of tourist coming to the village makes most of its revenue through the famous temple.



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