Time to build the fire in your belly for this city will bring up hunger in your tummy with tasty dishes. This town though doesn’t only give you some of the yummiest food but also shows you the beautiful heritage it inherited from the European rule. You will see how multiple cultures come together and live in harmony and how diverisified this town is and if you miss it, you will miss alot.

Peeping Cat

Take a night bus to the Butterworth terminal or a train. The bus terminal and the train station are connected while there is a free shuttle to the ferry terminal at the bus station. Ferry to the Penang island from Butterworth ferry terminal will cost you about 1.2 myr. While the ferry fare for going back to the butterworth station is free.



Penang is known as the food capital of Malaysia so it will be great to make your itinerary according to the way you would love your trip to be but some of the must visit places are:
>the Chew jetty for an evening walk with the home made popsicle under the stars near the sea.
>the Upside down museum for some funny images of you on the ceiling and and seeing the world upside down .

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>Blue mansion tour which is really huge and the guide is really nice and fun.
>all the crazy street arts which you may find in any lane and any corner of the street. But you can follow the map which you can get for free.

Kids Swinging
Children On Bicycle








The romantic night spent at the gorgeous Avatar Secret garden with the beautiful trees covering the garden with lights making you feel that you are in the avatar world.
>A walk at the harmony street showing how all the religions can live together without causing any havoc.
>Dont miss out the night markets ‘coz they bring to you the yummiest food (but keep in mind most of them close by 10 pm so dont wait for it to be late night).

Char Kuey Teow

With that being said i would like to put some light on some of my favourite places for the food
>Chulia street – for the evening stalls and some of its cafes providing the tastiest noodles and street food.
> Jetties – they have the tastiest chinese food to offer with coffee you would not want to miss (plus it is super cheap). Try their wanton mee and some Ais coffee (cold coffee) which will cost around 5.7MYR in total.
A little tip: dont go for beer and all the hard drinks here if you are also planning to go to Langkawi.

>Leong chee kee– The famous tarts of Penang is here.
> Do not forget the famous fruit durian, it is the cities most famous and you can find home made desserts made of durian.

Boy On Chair

You can also find really nice hotels or hostels at very cheap prices, my reccommendation is the Simcity Stay hostel but remember that the reception is not 24/7 though you can ask them by call or mail for an early check-in.


A very friendly town with lots to offer and communication is not bad but you might encounter some problem at some places although they still understand what you try to say but in bits and pieces. People will try their best to help you some might go an extra mile to search and help you if they dont know the place too.


Dushian Lee Jetty

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