Langkawi, Malaysia

Loved by all tourists for its black sand beaches and duty free shops. but there is more to this island that meets the eye.

Most entertaining way to reach the island is to take a ferry from kuala kedah which would be about 1.5 hours and be ware of sea sickness ‘coz it sure is bumpy giving. this FHD15271.5 hour ride will cost you about 23 ringgits and a lot of giggles in your stomach.

As soon as you exit this ferry station at Langkawi you can either go to the eagle bay to look at the beautiful view of the sea and ships or rent a vehicle(which is the cheapest way of transport).

This island surely gonna cost you alot for all the activities it has to offer, be it snorkling, jet ski or parasailing.IMG_0375

Must do things in Langkawi –
A bath at the seven wells waterfall.
Night walk at pentai cenang.
Payar island tour.
Sunset from Gunung raya view point.

Stay at Pentai cenang for a great experience of tourism in Langkawi Buy your booze IMG_0321from kuah for cheapest duty free store and experience your days with the best international cuisines with other tourists.

Not much interaction with the locals is expected because of the high number of tourism locals stay in kuah area away from the beach. No need for international driving license for car rentals.IMG_0370

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