A Cafe That Steals Your Heart.

When I first visited this place, My thoughts were that it is a local’s hangout place. The owner must be busy and not available for a conversation. But as I settled myself and got ready to walk over the counter, I felt the vibe that pulled me home. Yes, you heard it correct it is not a cafe, it is a home to those who are willing to learn and try the taste of new desserts.

People fear the beetroot, The chef made me love it. She cooks the desserts herself. There are more people around to support her but she believes, her love for baking should be incorporated in the menu she presents to her daily visitors and to the tourists. You will not find many tourists spending their money in here but if one does, they cannot leave until they had their tummy fluffed with the lip smacking desserts. She has some spectacular coffee options, they are smooth and rich, taste dark and smell great. For the caffeine lovers the owner has kept her promises on her cafe.

If you are planning to try this place out, some of the recommendations are:

Beetroot brownie.

blueberry cheesecake

peach pie

Espresso(for the black coffee lovers)

Iced mocha latte for the sweet tongues.


I agree Mussoorie has many beautiful places you can get good desserts and coffee specially if you are around the mall road. But if you are willing to hike a little away from the hustle bustle of the crowd, this places is worth the walk. If you are lucky to get the seat near the huge door and glass wall, can end up enjoying with your desserts and a mountain view. This place is perfect for spending time with your loved ones or hanging out with your friends and get lost in deep discussion as you stare outside through the glass watching the sun go down with every spoon of dessert filled with love you enjoy. I for one reason had a fascinating conversation with a beautiful young lady. Came to know what people travelling to the hills can be like, how her taste for desserts varied being an Indian. It was a delightful time spent in a blissful environment, among people with amazing food.

For all the travelers and tourists, and all the food junkies if you are planning to visit this small city of Mussoorie do not skip cafe Landour Bakehouse


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